About Me

Dulari Arandathi de Fonseka

Landscape, Nature, and still life painting Artist of Sri Lanka. “Nature – Tranquility in Life”

I was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka. From my childhood days, I have always had an intense love and fascination for nature and the harmony it brings to our lives. Even as a tiny-tot, I liked to draw things on pieces of paper, a passion which developed into a mission – it was a love without limitations and I improved my drawings to be better and better.

My parents have been a great inspiration and were the driving force behind my success as an Artist. Understanding my passion for drawing, I was sent to the Art Class of Late, Gate Mudliyar Amarasekera, a celebrated and a distinguished Artist of yester-year.

. At the time I joined his class, I was very small, while he was in the evening of his life, and I was fortunate to have received his instructions, wise guidance and blessings, for a short time, which inspired me immensely for me to pursue my career as a professional artist.

At my Alma-mater, Anula Vidyalaya, Nugegoda, I have received many awards and appreciations for my drawings in water colours. After leaving school, I never looked back, but concentrated on my mission to be a good Artist. I have always had a love for nature which has lead me to draw on landscapes, seascapes and floral works. Owing to my breath taking Art, I have been contracted to draw paintings by leading hotels in Colombo, Kandy and Galle, which brought me popularity and encouragement. Few leading private sector companies too have been fascinated with my work and approached me for their art assignments. My drawings, mostly on trees, water falls, ponds full of Lotus flowers, dazzling night lights, and shadows adorn their offices, hotels and their calendars.

Later on in life, during 2010-2014, to improve my skills in art, I entered the reputed Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts in Colombo and followed an extensive course in theoretical and practical aspects of fine arts. In 2010 and 2012, at Art Exhibitions, my pictures have adorned the walls of the Lionel Wendt. In 2013, two of my colleagues (students of Vibhavi Academy) and myself conducted an art exhibition, titled ‘Trees with Three Lines” at the Lionel Wendt, which brought us fame and fortune as well!.

I visit nature spots with my family, frequently, to capture the beauty of Sri Lanka and share it with multitude people through my drawings, to bring them relaxation, peace of mind and harmony. In a way my goal is show others what exactly that I see, and show them how exquisite nature really is, in all her forms and how relaxing the nature is!

My mind goes back to a famous saying, "It is in man's heart that the life of nature's spectacle exists; to see it, one must feel it." - Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778), Emile, 1762.

My passion is painting, mostly on nature – helps people to relax through this medium, and of course it adds up to improve my living style as well.

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